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bienvenue au grand roc

Parents dysplasia A recommended topics.
Generous, brave, balanced and sociable partner work, games and relaxation character. The gordon setter is used for hunting and as a pet. It is part of the seventh group.
Member of RASGS (Meeting Amateurs Gordon Setter). If you want to reserve a puppy or have information, do not hesitate to contact us (note a maximum range per year), just enough to pay part of the costs. 6 months old and already very promising fast

Large dog Country of Origin: Great Britain Original name: Gordon Setter - Black and Tan Setter
Other Names: Scottish Setter - Setter Black and Fire
Classification: F. C. I. G. R. 7 SECTION II B (Stop Dogs of the British Isles. Type Setter) S. C. C. G. R. SECTION

History : This is the middle of the sixteenth century that was developed in Scotland on Setter Black and Fire. It was not until the late eighteenth century for the Duke of Gordon develops a dog breed whose characteristics remain current. According to some, the British and Irish Setter, the Collie, Bloodhound intervened in training this breed. The first imports were made in France in 1860. They were presented under the name'' Scottish Spaniels black and tan.'' Creation in 1923 of an association'' Meeting'' Gordon Setter lovers. It is less common than other Setters.

For more informations visit our website : Le Clan du "Domaine du Grand Roc"

If you would like information on :
- Les Délégués du Club RASG
- Le site officiel de la Réunion des Amateurs de Setter Gordon


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Gite hunting woodcock and palombe in the Dordogne. Come share your passion and discover the Perigord Vert
A private pond reserved for fishing nokill. Ideal for passionate or beginners.
Gordon setters
Generous, brave, balanced and sociable: The Gordon Setter captivated us since the late eighteenth century
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Location map
Very detailed location map to pick us rejoindres smoothly !

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